How to Buy Crypto (BTC, ETH & Other Altcoins)

A global, multi-asset digital trading platform called Uphold, or “the Home for Altcoins,” provides cheap fees, excellent security, and complete transparency.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

  1. Create a free account on the Uphold website or app and verify your identity. Simply visit and enter your new account information. The process is free and easy.
  2. Choose your payment method and connect your Uphold wallet to your debit/credit card, bank account, or external crypto wallet. (see ‘How to” videos below)
  3. Buy BTC and store or trade your BTC on Uphold.

Now that you’ve purchased BTC, you can:
  • Store it on the secure Uphold wallet (accessible via mobile or desktop), or
  • Trade it for other assets like crypto, stablecoins, and metals right from your Uphold wallet.
Here are the different payment methods you can choose to buy BTC on Uphold.

1. How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a Credit or Debit Card

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The quickest way for new users to get started. Uphold supports both Visa and MasterCard.

    1. Tap Transact on your portfolio screen
    2. Tap ‘From’ and select ‘Credit or Debit cards
    3. Tap + and enter your card details, choose your preferred currency and tap ‘Add card’
    4. Choose the amount you want to transact
    5. Tap ‘To’ and choose ‘BTC’
    6. Tap ‘Preview deposit’ to see how much you’re going to deposit 
    7. If you’re happy with the transaction details tap ‘Confirm’ and buy BTC

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a UK bank account

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  1. Tap Transact on your portfolio screen
  2. Tap ‘From’ to and select ‘Bank’
  3. Tap + and select ‘Pound Sterling’ to add a UK bank account
  4. Copy your Uphold account bank credentials in the following screen and go to your bank app
  5. Transfer any amount to your Uphold wallet
  6. Once we receive your transfer and verify your name, you can buy BTC