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  • Spiritual
  • Feelings of Connectedness
  • Warm Grounded Energy
  • Epic colourful visuals
  • Intense feelings of euphoria
  • laughter, and joy with deep introspective.
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The Enigma mushroom (Enigma Psilocybe Cubensis) aka OMNI is a rare mutation of two potent strains of Cubensis, the Penis Envy X B plus Tidal Wave. Enigma mushrooms do not sporulate, meaning they are eternally stuck living across a single generation through clones.

Visually the characteristics of this strain are also distinctive, with a blob-like formation that is similar to a cauliflower or brain, with thick dense kernels of mycelium and long thick shafts of magic mushrooms.

Enigma mushroom is extraordinarily potent and considered the most potent of all psilocybin Cubensis strains. This strain recently won 1st and 2nd place in the Psilocybin Cup 2022 held in Oakland, California. Testing at 3.8 % tryptamine, to put that in context the average Cubensis has 0.7% tryptamine content.  Making this almost 4 times as potent as a typical Cubensis. 

The goal of microdosing isn’t actually to feel high but rather to enhance your mood, and improve cognition, focus, and mindfulness whilst reducing those feelings of anxiety. 

Enigma mushrooms are 2 to 4 times as strong as other P. Cubensis mushroom strains so keep this in mind as a little goes a long way. A microdose of enigma mushroom can help provide a reduction in feelings of anxiety and depression while simultaneously providing feelings of relaxation, happiness, and improved energy. 

  • Mini  Experience – 0.3g – 0.5g 

At these doses, the effects of enigma mushrooms are mild and similar to weed, expect butterflies in your tummy, mild visuals, and relaxation. At the higher end of the dose, expect a moderate body high, light hallucinations, improved creativity and energy, euphoria, and introspection.

  • Macro Experience 0.5g – 5g + Experience is dose-dependent.

This is a seriously strong mushroom and when doing a macro dose it is highly recommended that you have a sober trip sitter by your side. This will greatly aid in putting one’s mind at ease and provide support if and when you need it. 

  • Milder doses 0.5g – 1g –

Expect epic colourful visuals, intense feelings of euphoria, laughter, and joy with deep introspective.

  • High dose  1g – 3g + –  

Expect a trans-formative experience, astral projections, vivid visual hallucinations, profound philosophical and introspective contemplation, and strong body high.

Megadose 4g +  Buckle up and say goodbye to your ego. This dosage combined with this strain is considered very similar in experience to that of a DMT or ayahuasca. Users can expect a Mystical experience with intense feelings of love, unity, and connection with the universe.

Enigma mushroom Dosage 

Magic mushrooms have the ability to affect everyone differently.

We do not recommend Enigma mushrooms for beginners, experienced psychonauts only! Consume with caution

As always, be careful mixing enigma mushrooms with other psychoactive substances like alcohol or marijuana.

  • Micro: 0.25 gram
  • Low: 0.25 – 0.5 gram
  • Medium: 0.5g – 2 gram
  • Strong: 2.5 – 4 gram
  • Heavy: 4 grams and upwards
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