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The meaning of the Spanish term Pajaritos is “little birds” and refers to the small size of the individual sclerotium. But don’t get fooled by the cute name – these magic truffles will make those little birds twitter in your brain bowl. 7,5 grams are sufficient for a nice first experience on a philosophical, creative, and social trip. With a 3 of 5 ratings a mild to medium-strong strain.



Fly little birds – Pajaritos is Spanish for “little birds” … 7,5 grams of these “little birds” won’t teach you to fly, but you will surely notice a change – a change of view and mind. You will feel incredibly alive and elated while gentle shivers rush through your body from time to time. Creative, outside-the-box thinking and bursts of laughter, are almost unavoidable – especially when you are tripping with friends you know and trust 100%.