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The psilocybe Pandora is #3 in our list of strengths – only the Hollandia and Utopia varieties are stronger. 7,5 grams of these mind-expanding magic truffles are enough to get a grasp of “a different kind of reality”, with odd thoughts and sharpened senses. Very philosophic trains of thoughts, creativity, and a social feeling accompanied by warm euphoria. Strength: 4.5 of 5.



The psilocybe Pandora is one of the strongest magic truffle varieties and can cause severe hallucinations – if you dare to open Pandora’s box. Mild doses will make you feel amused about the newly discovered signals from your senses and nerves, while higher doses can lead to odd or deep thoughts (the answer is 42 btw!) and eye-twisting perceptions of your environment. In good company and a familiar setting, you will feel most comfortable and unleash unknown areas in your gray matter, and find new heights of wisdom. The effects greatly vary from person to person and no trip is like the one before – every experience is absolutely unique and unpredictable. It greatly depends on your state of mind though – if you are mentally prepared to open Pandora’s box, you might find a beautiful new reality.