You, like many others, may have an interest in the medicinal properties of psilocybin mushrooms or magic truffles. This guide will show you how to obtain magic mushrooms or truffles.

Please keep in mind that psilocybin is illegal and heavily regulated in most parts of the world. We promote the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms or truffles in a safe, responsible, and legal manner. You are solely responsible for any decision to engage in illegal activity. Always take this into consideration before you get the idea to buy magic mushrooms.


The Legality of Psilocybin and How to Get It

Currently, only Jamaica, the Netherlands, Brazil, Samoa, the British Virgin Islands, Austria, and a few jurisdictions in the United States. Allow people to legally possess, cultivate, or consume psilocybin mushrooms in some form. More information about the legal status of magic mushrooms in various countries can be found here.

A clinical trial is the most secure way for many people to get psilocybin. This list of trials can be searched. Most of these studies have a high volume of applicants and/or stringent selection criteria. So there is no guarantee you will be able to participate. Even if they accept you into a study, you are likely to receive a placebo rather than psilocybin.

The most traditional methods of finding medicine are networking and asking around. As psychedelics become more widely accepted, you may find that some people are willing to discuss the subject.

A simple question like “have you ever tried microdosing?” or “have you heard of microdosing?” can sometimes open doors.

Of course, getting to know someone before engaging in this type of conversation is preferable. When bringing up this sensitive topic, look for traits such as open-mindedness, open-heartedness, brightness, and kindness in a person.

While asking, please keep your setting in mind. When considering starting these conversations in jurisdictions where buying magic mushrooms are illegal and stigmatised, proceed with caution.



The internet is an “obvious” starting point for many people. While the Silk Road black market has long since vanished. There has been a gradual increase in vendors selling their wares through the darknet. Meanwhile more recently, social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and, ironically, Facebook. You can frequently find magic mushroom on these sites, along with a variety of psychoactive compounds such as LSD, DMT, and ketamine. What is the challenge? Not all of these websites are legal. This puts you at risk of financial fraud or exposes you to fraudulent behaviour.

Some people attempt to overcome this difficulty by seeking advice from a local cannabis dealer. This may make sense in the case of cannabis. The grower is frequently only a couple of degrees away from the purchaser. This can be more difficult with magic mushrooms because growing mushrooms requires a different skill set.

Furthermore, while the decision to buy magic mushrooms may appear simple, there are numerous legal implications to consider. Most countries still classify psilocybin as a controlled substance (Schedule 1 in the United States, Schedule 9 in Australia, and Class A in the United Kingdom), making the cultivation and sale of magic mushrooms illegal.


While the majority of magic mushroom cultivation focuses on mushroom growth. The fruiting body is not the only special structure mycelium produces. A “truffle” is a psilocybin-containing fungus that produces a psilocybin-containing fungus. The “truffle” is not a real truffle, but rather a dense underground structure called a sclerotium. Sclerotia are hard masses of mycelium whose use is to store nutrients. While allowing the fungus to survive long periods of drought. Sclerotia-producing species are widely cultivated in the United States and other countries.

Some species of Psilocybe such as Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe galindoi, and Psilocybe tampanensis are cultivated to produce “magic truffles“. Because truffles are not technically “mushrooms,” some people may wonder if it is legal to buy psychedelic mushrooms online. In fact, when a change in Dutch laws made magic mushrooms illegal to sell in the country, many Amsterdam cafés exploited a legal loophole to continue selling spores and mycelium.

Nonetheless, despite being legal in the Netherlands, magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, making them illegal in most other countries. Having said that, purchasing psilocybin spores is not illegal in many countries.

Where to Buy Magic Truffles in the Netherlands

Magic truffles, the underground part of some magic mushrooms, are legal and openly sold in physical and online “smart shops” in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, magic mushrooms were banned in 2008. This is after a young girl died while under the influence of multiple substances. Meanwhile jumping from a bridge (including alcohol).

Fortunately, magic truffles were exempted from the list of prohibited substances and have grown in popularity. Several companies continue to produce and distribute magic mushroom grow kits through another legal loophole. These are legal because the kits themselves do not contain psilocybin mushrooms.